3 Alternatives To Mini Implant Dentures

3 Alternatives To Mini Implant DenturesMini implant dentures offer people a reliable and durable way to have their beautiful smile back. These implants are not your only option when it comes to replacing missing teeth. For some people, the entire process of implants seems much too intimidating, and for others, bone structure may make implants impossible. Mini implant dentures are more conventional for individuals than traditional implants because they do not need as much bone structure to fuse with, however, there are still alternative routes that people should be aware of.

Mini Implant Dentures Alternatives

1. Practice good dental hygiene techniques and visit your dentist regularly to keep your permanent teeth.

The first choice for anyone is to have their own pain-free and healthy permanent teeth. This can normally be achieved through daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing. On some occasions, genetics may play a role, or infection and disease, that do not give you this option. Then mini implant dentures, or other types of implants, should be looked into. Even if you already have dentures or implants, promoting good oral health will be beneficial to fighting gum diseases like gingivitis. Regular dental checkups can allow your dentist to make repairs through fillings, crowns, or root canals to help you keep the amazing smile that you were born with.

2. Traditional dentures can be another alternative to mini implant dentures that may adequately meet your needs.

Traditional dentures are usually one of the cheaper alternatives. Properly fitted dentures are comfortable, can give you a beautiful smile, and allow you to eat your favorite foods. Aside from the pain and discomfort associated with extracting teeth, you will also have to acquire a feel for having a foreign object in your mouth, but this can also be said for many of the other options available to you. After your teeth are pulled, there is nothing left to stimulate the bone. This can cause your jaw bones to deteriorate, and it will eventually change your facial features. However, for some people, this alternative works great for them.

3. Fixed or removable bridges can also be used as an alternative to mini implant dentures.

A fixed or removable bridge uses your existing teeth to securely hold it in place. This is another relatively inexpensive option, but it may also be uncomfortable for you. Often, partials are big, bulky, and after a little time, they become loose and will need to be realigned. They can replace missing teeth, help you eat the foods that you love, and keep your smile intact.

Always Know All Of Your Available Options

There is usually always more than one way to do something. In this case, it has to do with giving you a healthy mouth. There are different ways to achieve this, so schedule a consultation with your dentist to help you make an informed decision about which one is right for you. Your overall health will benefit from achieving good oral health, and your dental professional can help you achieve these goals.

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