3 Types Of Dental Implants To Be Aware Of

3 Types Of Dental Implants To Be Aware OfDental implants are used to replace the roots of missing teeth and are inserted into the jaw bone in order to attach artificial teeth or “crowns” to them. These prosthetic tooth roots provide a strong base that anchor artificial teeth to the jaw. As the leading provider of dental implants in Long Island, Island Dental Associates can completely restore your missing teeth and your mouth’s natural function. This will enable you to eat and speak normally once again, whether you are replacing a single tooth or have lost a number of teeth.

However, there are 3 types of dental implants to consider which depends on where they are placed. Consider the following types:

Endosteal implants are blades, cylinders, or screws made from ceramic or titanium materials that replace the missing root of the tooth. The artificial teeth are held in place by drilling the implant into the jaw bone so that it lies completely below the gum line. This is a 2-stage surgical procedure in that the artificial tooth is not attached directly to the implant. Instead, a post is connected to it and then the tooth is placed over the post.

Subperiosteal implants are different from the endosteal version in that they are not drilled into the jaw bone. In this procedure, a metal framework is attached to the jaw bone below the gum line. There are posts inserted into the framework which protrude above the tissue of the gums. When an individual’s jaw bone is too narrow, it cannot accommodate and properly support the endosteal type. Consequently, your Island Dental Associates dentist may recommend subperiosteal implants in this case.

Transosteal implants can only be fitted to the individual’s lower jaw bone. In this procedure, a metal plate is attached to the bottom portion of the lower jaw bone by drilling screws completely through it in order to embed the posts in the gums. An incision must be made below the chin in order to affix the plate with screws so that the artificial teeth can be attached. Not only is this a complex and time-consuming surgical procedure, the success rate is minimal and dentists rarely recommend the procedure.

We have a dedicated team of dentists who work together in order to provide the right type of dental implants for individuals who are looking for a permanent solution for replacing their missing teeth. Contact Island Dental Associates today if you want to restore the natural appearance of your teeth.

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