A Closer Look At Mini Implant Dentures

A Closer Look At Mini Implant DenturesDental implants have been around for some time, but just as with most other aspects of the health care industry they have changed tremendously. Mini implant dentures in particular are one of the best possible ways to regain a bright, healthy smile and get the confidence back that missing teeth can take away from you.

But many people aren’t fully aware of just what mini implant dentures are or how they differ from traditional implants. Taking a closer look is something well worth doing. Here’s what you should know about these great smile solutions.


• As with any type of dental implant, mini implant dentures use a process that involves drilling pilot holes into the jawbone where missing teeth would be. Then, anchors are placed into these holes. Over time, the jawbone and anchors fuse to one another.

• Dentures are then affixed to the anchors using a post system. The replacement teeth become a permanent part of your smile, and are cared for and appear just like real teeth would.

• The biggest benefit of mini implant dentures is simple – they are smaller than traditional, older style options. As such, the holes drilled into the jawbone are smaller and the process will involve a faster recovery time and less pain or discomfort.

• Healing times are fast, and most who receive mini dental implants can go back to their normal routine within a day or two. And, in many instances the entire process is completed in a single day. Older implants involved setting the anchors, then waiting for months on them to heal, then placing the teeth. But modern mini implant dentures could possibly be placed all within a matter of a single session.


The faster recovery times, ability to complete the entire process in one session, and the perfect smile that you’re left with are all clear benefits of using mini implants when you need to regain your smile. If you’re looking for a way to get back your confidence and show the world a smile that you can be proud of, talking to your dentist about mini implants is an option that you can’t afford to ignore.

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