A Perfect Smile Is A Healthy Smile

A Perfect Smile Is A Healthy SmileIt’s undeniable: caring for our mouth has a lot to do with our vanity. Artificial whiteners, constant checkups to take care of dark spots and cavities, braces and other orthodontic procedures to straighten our teeth, dentures and implants to replace teeth gone missing, fluoride in our water supply and our toothpaste, and of course the vast number of mints and breath fresheners you can find in any department store or gas station. We care about our teeth, and we want people to know we care.

However, there’s a reason why we care for our teeth that goes beyond our desire to present the world with a perfect smile. Straight white teeth are also healthy teeth, and healthy teeth allow you to eat without any pain or any trouble with chewing. Since we have to eat to live, that means that the state of our teeth can have a direct impact on whether or not we’re able to eat a healthy, well-rounded, and tasty diet with a wider variety of textures than baby food and gelatin.

Dental Checkups

The basic visits to the dentist to remove tartar buildup and fill in cavities not only remove discolored spots and prevent halitosis (which is bad breath caused by gum disease), they also protect your overall health by letting you chew without pain and by preventing a bacterial infection from getting into your bloodstream where it may even threaten your life. Fluoride also helps by encouraging your tooth enamel to recrystallize after it’s been eaten away by the bacteria that live in your mouth.


Straightening your teeth also has an impact on your dental health. When you clench your teeth, both rows should be able to touch each other from the front to the back, and this is good because it means that the pressure you put on your teeth when you chew will be distributed across all of your teeth. If the rows are crooked or misaligned for whatever reason it means that the areas that make contact will wear down faster from the added pressure and make cavities that much more likely.

Dentures And Implants

Dentures and dental implants are also there for more than just appearances’ sake. Dentures are meant to be used, meant to chew food no matter how tough, and for plenty of Americans dentures are just a part of growing old. Dental implants act in much the same way, and although implants are the more expensive option, they also provide a wide variety of additional benefits: sturdiness, durability, ease of use, and the ability to avoid losing your jawbone mass along with losing your teeth.

There’s no reason to feel ashamed about caring for your teeth, as it’s only natural for humans to be attracted to healthy teeth. Just make sure you go beyond the purely cosmetic whitening strips and breath fresheners so that others will admire your perfect smile for all the right reasons.

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