A Speedy Recovery

A Speedy RecoveryLosing a tooth can be traumatic experience, whether it has occurred from an accident, decay, or bone disease. While each of these scenarios may present a different client treatment, at Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square, we urge all of our patients to seek immediate attention in such an eventuality.

With teeth that are lost in an accident, there may be root trauma that is not immediately apparent. This will often require X-rays to assess the condition of the root, the surrounding teeth, and even if there is damage to the jawbone. Letting this go for too long can result in pain, and the need for more extensive repair procedures.

Teeth that have been lost to decay can face similar challenges. While the deterioration may cause the entire tooth to fall out, it may also compromise the dentin matrix to the point where it actually breaks. This can also leave a partial root that may cause pain, but it can also open the socket up to further infection from the decaying root that is still present in the bone.

Bone diseases and jaw deterioration will most often result in the full loss of the tooth, since the stabilizing foundation for the root is usually eroded. Although this may appear as a cleaner and more complete loss, it still presents an open socket that can harbor bacteria and food particles which may lead to infection.

Since a number of variables are present in all of these situations, it is always important to seek immediate treatment.

Correcting The Damage

By scheduling an emergency appointment with Island Dental Associates, clients can gain a better idea of the extent of the damage that they are dealing with. This also allows for the exploration of options that can lead to more precise cosmetic repair and the addressing of associated health factors.

In many cases, a retained root will need to be removed in order to avoid further damage. Depending upon the integrity of the bone structure, immediate remediation for the loss may also be considered. The most common process is to use a dental implant to create a base for a fabricated tooth, but also to encourage bone growth around the area of the empty socket. This will result in greater stability for the replacement tooth, and will also generate a healing factor within the bone.

In many cases, drilling out the root inserting the implant rod, and generating a temporary fabrication can all be done in the course of a day. This provides an instant solution to appearance issues, but also addresses the health concerns that a partial root or empty socket may pose. Several follow up visits may be required to set the permanent prosthetic, but minimal heal time and less discomfort will also be the result of having a lost tooth attended to with speed.

For clients who are experiencing such an emergency, we urge them to schedule an appointment in order to have the extent of the damage evaluated. This will lead to a faster recovery, and a better ability to move on with regular life.

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