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About Dental Implants at Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square and Shine Dental Associates in Syosset

Our Periodontist

Dental Implant Specialist - Dr. Vikas Mittle - Board Certified PeriodontistAll of our dental implants are placed by Board Certified Periodontist, Dr. Vikas Mittle.

Dr. Mittle recognizes that every patient’s case is unique and he strives to provide personalized, thorough treatment in a relaxed, patient-centric atmosphere.

His gentle, confident approach makes the patient feel comfortable knowing they are receiving the best treatment in dentistry.

He strongly believes in the mouth-body relationship and treats not only oral health but overall body health.

Dr. Mittle is a proud member of the following organizations:

American Academy of Periodontology
American Dental Academy
New York State Dental Academy
Nassau County Dental Society

Onsite Dental Lab

Most dental offices that place dental implants on Long Island use off-site dental labs. This increases the cost of fabrication and makes for a cumbersome and time consuming process as the dentist and lab try to coordinate the making and fitting of your implant, abutment and crown.

Fortunately, our offices are equipment with full service, in-house dental labs. This means our dentists, specialists and team of lab technicians work together as a team. During your visit, you will be seen and treated by our dentists and specialists. From there they will work to create your custom restoration with our lab technicians under the same roof. In no time, you will have a custom permanent solution for your missing teeth.

Having the lab onsite allows for the highest quality and quickest turnaround. It also allows us to provide affordable treatment since we are able to “cut out the middle man.” There is no need for back and forth with a third-party lab, and there is no longer a need for you to travel to multiple offices to achieve your perfect smile!

Sedation Dentistry Available

Both of our offices offer sedation for those who need it. Now, your can replace your missing teeth or stabilize your loose dentures without having to go through the fear and anxiety associated with dental surgery.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can give you a brand new smile…quickly, affordably, and without experiencing any pain or discomfort.

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