Act Quickly If You Have A Dental Implant Emergency!

Act Quickly If You Have A Dental Implant Emergency!There was once a time when few dental offices could provide emergency services in the event of an accident or other issue. Island Dental Associates is proud to offer the best support for “walk in” dental implant emergencies anywhere in Long Island.

We understand that dental emergencies do not wait — so you should feel confident in coming to us whenever you have a problem with your implants. How do you know if something is a dental emergency, rather than a temporary problem?

There are several different kinds of implant-related emergencies. Since implants are very safe and secure, most of these situations start with trauma to the face — an accident, slip and fall, or other issue that damages the mouth.

If you have been in an accident, be sure your condition is stabilized before going to the dentist. Emergency care should always come first. If there is risk of a concussion, internal bleeding, or other life-threatening issue, head to a hospital emergency room!

Signs Of A Dental Implant Emergency

The surrounding circumstances will help you to understand whether you have an emergency or not. There are some symptoms that will give you a good indication that emergency treatment is needed.

1) Pain In The Jaw

Dental implants consist of replacement porcelain teeth or crowns that have been anchored to the jaw with specialized screws. Throughout the process, patients are given sufficient time to heal so the screws will sit comfortably and support the jaw. Pain in the jaw might indicate infection.

2) Bleeding

If you have some replacement teeth and some natural teeth, then it is important to try to evaluate the source of oral bleeding. Bleeding can be a sign of periodontal issues. However, it can also be transient, such as if you accidentally burn or cut the roof of your mouth.

If bleeding is prolonged, painful, or distressing, or you feel that the source of the bleeding is a replacement tooth that’s been anchored by a dental implant, then it is a good idea to seek out emergency care.

3) Loss Of Implant

Loss of a dental implant happens under only the most rare and extreme cases. Significant trauma to the head or jaw is usually necessary. The patient should seek out help with any complications arising from the trauma, such as concussion. Retain the replacement tooth if it has been knocked out, and see a dentist as soon as possible.

Island Dental Associates is the #1 brand in Long Island for everything to do with great dental implants. If you have an implant emergency, come see us right away! For other issues or to set an appointment, call or email us today.

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