Aesthetic And Functional Benefits Of Mini Dental Implants

Aesthetic And Functional Benefits Of Mini Dental ImplantsFor those individuals who have lost teeth due to accidents, aging, injuries, or disease, those gaps that exist can cause a great deal of embarrassment for them and lower their self-esteem. Fortunately, Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square Long Island has a solution for replacing missing teeth and restoring a person’s smile in the process. If you are considering mini dental implants, it’s important to understand the aesthetic and functional benefits of them before making your decision.

Mini dental implants are the ideal alternative to the more traditional types in that the procedure is more affordable and produces immediate results. Unlike traditional implants, these are a great replacement solution for damaged or missing teeth. However, mini dental implants can also serve as anchors for removable dentures as well as bridges and crowns. Individuals who wear dentures oftentimes turn to getting this type of implant in order to prevent them from clicking or slipping while they are eating and talking.

Another one of the primary benefits of mini dental implants is that it is a one-sitting procedure and the results are immediate. Traditional dental implants, on the other hand, require multiple visits in order to complete the procedure. Not only is this inconvenient and sometimes time-consuming, there is more discomfort involved and it is not as cost-effective as mini dental implants. Traditional implants involve drilling into the jaw bone, incisions, and sutures. In some cases bone grafting is required.

We typically recommend getting mini dental implants at Island Dental Associates when there is not sufficient jaw bone mass for attaching the traditional type of implants. This also means that the procedure is minimally invasive compared to the traditional implants. If there is a drawback to mini dental implants, it’s the fact that the lack of bone drilling compromises their ability to withstand the force involved with biting and chewing (mastication). So they are typically used to replace your front teeth.

With the majority of the patients that we have treated in the past, we have witnessed an extremely high success rate. Granted, there will always be cases where the procedure is not successful at the first sitting as no two individuals are ever alike. If you would like to start smiling again and restore your self-confidence and self-esteem in the process, please contact Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square Long Island today. We can evaluate the condition of your gums and teeth in order to make the proper recommendations.

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