All Ceramic Abutments

Reasons to Consider All Ceramic Abutments

The abutments, or posts, on dental implants are the mounts where the dentist will place the artificial replacement teeth. The all ceramic abutments, which are quite popular today, are one type of post, and they do offer quite a few benefits. However, they are not the only option. Some patients have titanium abutments. In fact, this is the most common material for the implants and the abutments. For certain patients though, it is simply not possible to use the titanium because they have a bad reaction to it.

The all ceramic abutments are metal-free, and they are biocompatible, so patients should not have to worry about their body rejecting the abutments or implants. Instead of metal, they feature holistic materials that are better for the body. Because of this, these abutments and implants are growing in popularity with dentists and with patients.

Benefits of All Ceramic Abutments

In addition to the holistic nature of the abutments, they have quite a few other benefits that help to make them popular. One of the most important for many people is the aesthetic value of the all ceramic abutments. While the titanium abutments and implants can do a good job, one of the issues that some people have with them is that they can cause a dark line around the gum line because of their color. This does not look natural, and though others might not always notice, it certainly is noticeable by the patient.

With the ceramic options available today, patients will not have to worry about having that dark line. The abutments, when used with the other all ceramic materials for the implant, have a natural appearance. This means that they will not draw any undue attention to them, helping to ensure your mouth has a natural appearance to them.

In addition to looking great, dentists are finding that these ceramic structures, including the abutments, can help to promote better oral health. They do not allow for as much buildup of plaque and tartar that could cause gum disease later. The titanium abutments and implants do not do anything to repel them. They are very easy to maintain and to keep clean, which helps to provide you with a clean, fresh, and natural looking mouth.

Talk with your dentist about your options for choosing materials other than titanium for your abutments and implants, and choose the option that works best for your needs.


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