All Ceramic Implant Bridges

All Ceramic Implant Bridges Provide Biocompatible Restoration

If you have trouble tolerating titanium implants, you may still be able to get bridgework worked on with all ceramic implant bridges. All ceramic implant bridges provide a biocompatible restoration option for patients who have multiple missing teeth.

Rather than being made of titanium, these all ceramic implant bridges are made from a material called zirconium. Zirconium is completely metal free and provides a more holistic option for replacing missing teeth by way of dental implants.

All ceramic implant bridges have other advantages to them that will be particularly interesting to patients who have concerns about the aesthetics of their implants and how they hold up over time.

The Advantages of All Ceramic Implant Bridges

All ceramic implant bridges have the notable advantage of avoiding a common aesthetic problem with implant bridges. Titanium bridges sometimes end up causing a dark line to appear where they are installed. This is not an issue with all ceramic implant bridges.

In addition to this, periodontists oftentimes prefer zirconium implants because they tend to discourage the buildup of plaque and tartar. The plaque and tartar can cause problems with the gums and it can cause problems with neighboring teeth.

For some people, getting dental implants is a desirable procedure, but they may also have a desire to make certain that the materials used for those implants is as compatible with their body as possible; that it is holistic, essentially. Zirconium implants meet that criterion, which has made them very popular with people who want to avoid having titanium utilized in their dental work.

More and more people are considering the idea of having zirconium implants utilized for their bridges. With people taking more measures to protect their health overall, using a more biocompatible material for dental implants is a natural impulse.

Because of the lowered risk of gum disease, plaque and tartar, the excellent aesthetic results and the biocompatibility of the material used, all ceramic implant bridges might be the perfect solution for you. If you need a restoration of missing teeth and you want to use something more advanced than a traditional bridge, implants provide an excellent option. The zirconium implants are the latest advance in this technology and they provide one of the most compelling solutions for those who want to keep anything used to enhance their health as natural as possible and still have reliable and aesthetically pleasing results.

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