All On Four Implants: The Benefits They Offer

Top 5 Benefits Of Dental Implants Over DenturesAll on Four implants is different than traditional dental implants and more and more dentists are offering it. Implants tend to be used for single teeth and the process tends to be simple, but when there are many teeth that need to be replaced, then things can become difficult. This is why people turn to dentures when they have many teeth to replace or they have to replace all of their teeth.

All in Four is a technique that makes it possible to perform a full tooth placement using 4-6 implants. The strength is increased considerably, since the implants are placed at a 45 degree angle. Not only that, but crowns can be applied, and people don’t have to wait for the implant to heal before getting crowns. You can have what you have always wanted within a short period of time.

All on Four implants offers many benefits. There are some obvious ones, such as minimal recovery time and they are easy to maintain when you use proper hygiene. There are even more benefits that are not that obvious.

For example, in most cases bone grafting is not required with All on Four implants. This means recovery time is quicker and the process is much more simpler. Not only that, but All on Four implants are affordable, which is why more and more people are likely going to consider getting them after they learn more about them.

Many people don’t like dentures because they have to put them in the mouth and out of the mouth, which means they have to be removed in the evening and soaked. In other words, you can’t wear dentures all the time. However, that is not the case with All on Four, which you act like a full mouth of teeth.

The implants can provide you with bone level stabilization and you will end up having a more youthful appearance, which dentures don’t provide. You will be given a brand new smile in just a day, which can increase your quality of life in an instance and your confidence will increase. Not only that, but you will be able to enjoy all of the foods you love, all without having to worry about your teeth breaking.

However, these implants are relatively new, so they are not found everywhere. They are offered by dentists who are on top of the latest techniques in the dentistry world. These dentists realize that the implants offer many benefits to their patients.

The truth is there are other options out there, asides from dentures and you don’t have to get dentures if you don’t want to. Sure, implants are considered expensive and many may not be able to afford them, but All on Four are different because 4-6 implants go into the mouth, which means you can enter the dentist office needing new teeth and you can leave the office with a brand new smile. This is why more and more people are considering getting All on Four implants instead of dentures. If you need new teeth and you don’t want to get dentures, then consider looking into All on Four implants.

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