Always Be Prompt When You Lose A Tooth

Always Be Prompt When You Lose A ToothA tooth can be lost for many reasons, but if you find yourself missing a tooth, it is always important to see your dentist as promptly as possible. At Island Dental Associates, we know just how important it is to have the area assessed and to create a game plan for what should come next, which is why we want to provide all of our Franklin Square area patients with the fast services they need when one of their teeth goes missing.

When you come in for a consultation after losing a tooth, the entire area will be examined to determine if any additional damage has been done. This consultation will consist of talking with the dentist about the circumstances surrounding the missing tooth, having X-rays performed to get a detailed look at your bone structure as well as adjacent teeth, and a talk with your dentist about just what should come next. Often, a dental implant will be suggested to fill the missing tooth area and save your other teeth from sustaining damage, but not all cases are the same.

When you lose a tooth due to injury, other teeth may have become injured that you may not realize. Cracking and damage to the tooth’s root and jawbone structure can occur without visible signs, and having these problems addressed as quickly as possible is necessary when wanting to save teeth within the area.

If disease has contributed to the missing teeth, the progression of the disease should also be addressed to make sure that other teeth won’t go missing next. By coming to your dentist promptly after losing the tooth, you can make sure that you tackle the disease before it tackles the rest of your teeth, saving you a great deal of stress and money in the long run.

When a tooth is left missing, other teeth can begin to shift, even if they were initially completely healthy, and this can lead to subsequent damage as well. If the missing tooth is cared for in a prompt fashion, you can actually ensure that your other teeth will remain in their proper place and state, saving you from additional trips to the dentist for related work.

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