Are Dental Implants Better Than Bridges And Dentures?

There are several solutions for replacing missing teeth. Removable partial dentures supported with wire clips can be an excellent alternative to implants. In some other cases, fixed dental bridges may also be used to fill some gaps. Full dentures, well-known from various movies and commercials can also provide the patients a functional tool for chewing their foods.

Although there are multiple treatments to replace missing teeth, none of the traditional ones can also preserve the bone. On the contrary, partials and full dentures are known to speed up the bone resorption process. Dental implants may need several months of healing before they can be inserted. Nonetheless, there are modern treatments that allow their immediate load, enabling the patient to go home with a mouth full of teeth. As not all patients qualify for instant loading, the dentist or the surgeon have to evaluate the situation before deciding for this kind of treatment.

As opposed to dentures and partials, dental implants offer an experience which is very similar to the one of natural teeth. Implants are securely fastened in the mouth on supports that fuse with the jawbone. They don’t need any special care or maintenance, as they replicate natural teeth. The feel an function is the most natural possible way, and they have to be cleaned just like natural teeth. If properly cared for with daily cleanings and with the maintenance of a good oral hygiene, these implants can last for the entire life of the patient.

Please find below a few benefits of dental implants over traditional treatments.


When an entire tooth is lost, the jawbone is inevitable going to shrink, therefore forming a wrinkled face, and making the patient look older. As implants have a part that corresponds to the root of the tooth, they are able to stop this process. Dentures and bridges can’t do it. Since implants fuse with the bone, they help preventing gum recession and bone loss which is inevitable in case of bridges or dentures. Dental implants look and feel absolutely natural, so nobody could ever guess you’re wearing them.


Since implants don’t have any loose parts, they are extremely stable, no adjustments being needed after the surgery. They can last for a lifetime.

Increased Confidence

Implants allow patients to bite and chew on any foods of their choice. Besides, speaking occurs normally, without the wobbling and clicking of traditional dentures.

No Casualties

Unlike bridges, implants don’t have an impact on the adjacent teeth, so the maintenance of proper oral health is much easier.


Thanks to their high success rate, dental implants are considered as being the best options for qualifying patients.

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