Are Dental Implants Right For Someone With Missing Or Loose Teeth?

Dental practices have come a long way in recent decades. Used to be if you lost a few teeth, a pair of dentures were on your horizon. Not anymore. Thanks to great breakthroughs in dental care, you can now instead replace singular teeth as opposed to having to replace all of them at once.

The two most common ways to replace missing or loose teeth is either by using dental crowns or implants. Crowns are often recommended first, as they are less invasive. The tooth is whittled down to a base, and then the crown is cemented to that base. However, what if you don’t have enough tooth left? What if you are missing the whole tooth? That is where implants come in.

Implants are a great, safe, and economical way to replace singular teeth. They are inserted by screwing the new tooth into the gums. This is a more invasive way to do things as opposed to simply getting crowns, but for those who don’t have a choice, there is nothing wrong with implants. They last a very long time and are made of high quality, tooth-color matching porcelain. Recovery time from the insertion procedure is minimal, comparable to getting wisdom teeth removed at the most extreme.

If you have been missing some teeth for a while, or think that you may be soon losing your adult teeth, then it’s recommended that you consider dental implants. Talk to your dentist about your options in regards to implants, and he or she will be able to set you on the path to having a new, healthy mouth that looks great too. It’s absolutely worth looking into, for you don’t want to skimp on your dental health if you possibly can.

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