Are Dental Implants Right For You?

Real Human Wisdom Tooth, Implant Dental And Plastic Teeth Model.At Island Dental Associates we can help you get your smile back with the use of dental implants. Dental implants are a fantastic option for people with missing teeth.

Implants act to replace the damaged root of a missing tooth and allow for a solid foundation for the replacement tooth. With dental implants you don’t need to worry about ill-fitting dentures and messy adhesives. Implants appear, act and feel just like your natural teeth. The material in our implants actually fuses with your jawbone. The result is a solid foundation that won’t decay and will remain solidly in place just as your natural tooth would. Let Island Dental Associates offer a free consultation to see if implants are right for you.

The length of time for the procedure itself will depend on which teeth are being replaced and your overall dental health. Our professionals at Island Dental Associates can discuss this during your initial consultation and offer an estimate. It can take a few months for the bone to tightly rebuild around the implant, but the end result will make this all worthwhile. Unlike bridges and crowns, dental implants can last a lifetime. With the help of our experienced professionals, we can build you a strong implant that provides a long term solution to keep you eating, talking and smiling for the rest of your life.

Are implants right for you? Implants work best if you have:

• Healthy oral tissue
• Ample bone to secure implant (or willingness to do a bone graft)
• Several months to allow healing process
• One or more missing teeth
• Adversity to wearing dentures
• Desire for a natural look and feel

Dental implants can actually improve your overall health. Implants help create a healthy environment in your mouth and can help eliminate bad breath. Bacteria thrive in cavities and lead to bad breath. Replacing the cavities with implants can lead to fresh breath starting immediately. Not having to worry about slipping dentures or missing teeth can help restore self-assurance and vitality. Implants can also lead to better nutrition. Unlike dentures, implants do not impact sense of taste. With dentures some foods may be difficult to chew.

Because implants act and feel like your own teeth; eating, tasting and enjoying food remains part of life. Ill-fitting dentures and missing teeth can cause unattractive changes and sagging in the shape of your face. With dental implants your natural beauty will shine through as you maintain the natural contours of your face and smile. Care of the implant is no different than caring for your natural teeth. You can brush, floss and rinse your implant as you would your own teeth. No more need for denture cups and solutions. Dental implants are impervious to cavities. They can help protect surrounding teeth by preventing shifting that can occur when there is an empty space in your mouth.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation to see if implants are the right option for you!

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