Are Dental Implants The Best Alternative For Missing Teeth?

Are Dental Implants The Best Alternative For Missing Teeth?When it comes to replacing missing teeth, you have two basic choices to consider. You can either be fitted with removable full or partial dentures, or you can opt for dental or mini dental implants which are more permanent alternative. Basically, dental implants are viewed as the gold standard where the replacement of your teeth is concerned as the procedure can be used when one or several teeth are missing. Additionally, providing dental implants and mini dental implants are two of the many services we offer at Island Dental Associates.

For many years, dentists throughout the industry relied on bridges, full, or partial dentures to replace teeth that were compromised or missing. However, dental implants have become the best alternative because of the state-of-the-art dental technologies that are involved in this tooth replacement procedure. The implant itself is a metal screw most commonly made from titanium and functions as the substitute for the root of the missing tooth. It also helps to stabilize the jaw bone that it is integrated with.

Additionally, dental implants help to protect and preserve the remaining bone mass of the jaw which naturally occurs after you have lost teeth. When performed correctly, dental implant procedures provide patients with the ideal long-term solution for their missing teeth. When compared to bridges or partial dentures, dental implants do not compromise the lifespan of your existing teeth. Most importantly, just like your natural teeth, you can practice good oral hygiene habits and include them in your brushing and flossing regimen.

One of the factors contributing to the success of our implant procedures is our highly skilled and experienced team of dentists. In most cases, our team is comprised of:

  • A dental technician that designs and creates the artificial tooth (or “crown” as it is commonly referred to)
  • A dentist, oral surgeon, or periodontist who is fully educated and trained in implant surgical techniques
  • A restorative dentist that is responsible for attaching the crown to the implant

This team is essential to successfully planning out, implementing, and completing the entire dental implant procedure.

Prior to the procedure, these professionals will ensure that you have sufficient bone mass for facilitating the implant and that it will allow for the proper positioning of it. In so doing, this allows us to provide you with more natural looking aesthetics and proper tooth function. Don’t continue hiding your smile because of missing teeth. Contact Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square Long Island and schedule an appointment today.

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