Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Who Is a Good Implant Candidate?

Are you considering getting dental implants? If you have been thinking about all of the great benefits and advantages that having implants can offer when compared with the alternatives, then it is time that you determined whether you are actually a good candidate for the implants or not. While your dentist will ultimately be the one who makes this determination, you can read on to learn more about what makes someone a good candidate for implants.

First, it is important that you have healthy gums, and that you have enough bone to anchor the implants. Those who may have lost some bone in the jaw have a couple of options though that could make them become better candidates. First, they could consider mini dental implants, which require less bone for anchoring. Second, they could undergo bone augmentation to rebuild the bone in the jaw. This procedure can take several months and up to a year in some cases. However, if you really want to have the implants, it could be worth it for you.

Finally, you really need to commit to taking good care of the implants when you get them. Just because you have implants does not mean that you can forego good dental health. You still need to brush and floss regularly.

Who Is Not a Good Candidate?

Some people are not good candidates though. Those who are young and who have jawbones that are still growing, for example, would not be a good fit for dental implants. Pregnant women, heavy smokers, drinkers, and substance abusers are not good candidates either. People who have chronic illnesses, such as hemophilia, certain immune deficiencies, and uncontrolled diabetes would not necessarily be good candidates for implants either. In addition, people who grind their teeth heavily will not be good candidates either, as it tends to put too much pressure on the implants, which could eventually cause them to fail.

What About You?

The guidelines here should help to give you a good idea of whether you might qualify for dental implants or not. However, you should always have a talk with your dentist about the possibility of getting implants, as well as the other options you have available for your dental health needs. You can undergo an evaluation with the dental professionals, and possibly take x-rays and a CT scan after the evaluation to see whether implants are a good option for you.


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