Benefits of Implants


By mimicking the entire structure of a natural tooth instead of merely the visible portion (also known as the crown) that shows whenever you smile, dental implants can offer patients from all over the New York City and Long Island areas countless benefits that far exceed bridges, dentures, and other tooth replacement options commonly offered at any local dental practice. These include:

Dental implants are anchored into your jawbone so that they can serve as a new tooth root. This helps to preserve the health of your jawbone and keep it from deteriorating and negatively affecting your oral health and appearance, which is a common problem for patients who rely on dentures and/or bridges.

Dental implants do not resemble a false tooth in any way. Instead, they fit into your existing smile so seamlessly that you may forget after a while that you ever lost a tooth in the first place.

Implants offer patients who may be frustrated with the frequent slipping and sliding of dentures a much sturdier, more durable option. You won’t have to worry about messy adhesives any longer. Instead, you’ll experience a renewed sense of confidence in the strength of your smile.

While other tooth replacement options often require that adjacent healthy teeth must be shaved down or even removed to make room for a prosthetic, dental implants can be effectively placed and enjoyed without any negative consequences for the rest of your natural smile.

With several different treatment options (including single teeth implants, full mouth implants, and mini implants), we can offer flexibility and personalization to each patient’s unique situation.

Obviously, dental implants won’t experience any cavities, and their natural characteristics allow you to eat, brush, and floss like you did before your procedure – no inconvenient changes to your routine required!

Tooth replacement technologies Flipper Dentures (partial or full) Bridge Implants
Longevity 1-3 years 5-7 years 7-10 years Lifetime
Preservation of healthy adjacent teeth Yes Yes No Yes
Transmission of force to: adjacent teeth adj teeth/gums adjacent teeth bone
Prevent bone loss & preserve facial appearance No No No Yes
Requirement for periodic adjustments Yes Yes Yes No
Accelerated loss of adjacent teeth Yes Yes Yes No
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