Choosing Between Mini Dental Implants And Traditional Implants

Choosing Between Mini Dental Implants And Traditional ImplantsIn recent years, the choice between mini dental implants and the more traditional type has become the topic of considerable debate. Granted, the decision to get one or the other is a matter of one’s health needs, their personal preference, and what the dentist recommends. Both kinds of implants are categorized as “endosteal” implants, which mean that they are affixed to the jawbone by virtue of a titanium or other type of metal post.

However, the primary difference between the two is implied in the name “mini”, which indicates the difference in size. Size is one of the primary advantages because we can implant them in those areas where bone grafting cannot be performed or areas where you have experienced a significant amount of bone loss. Unlike traditional implants that are comprised of two separate pieces, mini dental implants are single pieces. This requires the use of another piece to hold the two together.

Interestingly enough, if you are only replacing a single tooth, we do not recommend using a mini dental implant despite the advantages that they offer over the traditional type. Another key advantage that mini dental implants have over the traditional type is that there is a higher rate involved with the former, especially when they are used on the lower jaw. Another important consideration is the fact that the procedure involved with mini dental implants is far less invasive than what you will experience with traditional implants.

If budget is the main consideration, you should know that traditional implants are more costly than their mini counterparts. It is the cost of mini dental implants that is attributed to their growing popularity among dental patients today. Since fewer materials and less dental work are required, it stands to reason why this is the case. However, cheaper materials are not used in the manufacture of the mini version. The second reason for their increased popularity is due to the fact that only one dentist visit is required to complete the procedure.

If you are trying to decide between getting traditional dental implants or mini dental implants, Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square or Shine Dental Associates in Syosset will be happy to provide more information about the two and answer all of your questions. Contact us today and schedule an appointment so that we can evaluate your situation and determine which type of dental implants are right for you.

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