Common Reasons For Tooth Loss

Common Reasons For Tooth LossIt’s not rare for young people to think they’re immune to tooth loss, and that losing teeth is something that only the very young, or the older population should be concerned with. However, we at Island Dental Associates see many reasons why people of all ages may find that their teeth go missing, and this will often call for the need for dental implants. While dental implants are an excellent solution to fix the problem of missing teeth, the best way to avoid losing them in the first place is to get better acquainted with what causes them to go missing from the mouth.

Some common causes for missing teeth are:

  1. Trauma – While teeth are strong, they’re not typically strong enough to come away unscathed after experiencing serious trauma. Falls, accidents, and sports injuries are some of the most typical traumatic causes for tooth loss, and even if a tooth remains in the mouth, a severe fracture can cause the tooth to need to be pulled. People of all ages can experience trauma to the teeth at any point in their lives, and this will often result in an implant procedure.
  2. Severe decay – It all starts with one small cavity, and before you know it, the hole seems to grow larger and larger. When nerves have been exposed and the tooth begins to die, a root canal procedure may not always be feasible, and in these cases, the tooth may need to be pulled. After the tooth is pulled, a dental implant will be the next step to ensure adjacent teeth remain healthy.
  3. Gum disease – Gum disease can affect people of all ages, and it all depends on how a person cares for their teeth. As gum disease progresses, teeth will begin to be lost, and these lost teeth can then be replaced with implants and improved dental care.
  4. Congenital absence – In some cases, the need for a dental implant may not come from a missing tooth, but rather a tooth that was never there in the first place. In some cases, an adult tooth isn’t present in the mouth, and never surfaces after a baby tooth is lost, but the tooth can be created using an implant procedure.

At Island Dental Associates, we see missing teeth arise from a myriad of reasons, and we strive to provide our patients with the very best replacements possible. To learn more about our dental implant procedures, or just what causes teeth to go missing, simply call us at Island Dental Associates today!

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