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Creating FoundationsDental Implants of Long Island has been serving the community for over twenty years, and we have listened to the experiences of all of our patients. People who wear dentures generally feel happier and more confident with their fabricated teeth, as it enhances their appearance and also promoted a better quality of life. One of the concerns that we have heard frequently is with the fit of dentures, especially over time.

Having your dentures slip in your mouth is not conducive to the confidence that this prosthetic is meant to build. This can be dangerous as well as embarrassing, and is often corrected by frequent relining or the use of more adhesives. However, these solutions can be temporary and will require continued maintenance over time.

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One method that we have found is of great benefit to our denture wearing patients is the use of implants to stabilize the dentures. This can be done with full and partial sets, and also helps to reduce irritation to the gums. The process will still allow you to remove the dentures for proper soaking, and let you ensure that you are preserving effective oral hygiene. The effect of this stabilization technique is not only that dentures fit and feel better to the wearer, but that they also appear as natural dentition.

Implants that are used to support dentures may be inserted at several spots along the gum line in the jaw. At least four point for both upper and lower mandibles are needed to provide the necessary hold. In cases where there is more severe bone deterioration, as many as six posts may need to be inserted.

For denture wearers, the implanting process is simple. Since existing teeth are no longer present, there is not a reason to drill out any roots, which speed the fitting and the healing. The titanium posts are inserted to the bone at the appropriate points and the body heals bone around the metal to form a secure foundation. The fabricated palate is then fitted on to the posts, and this is now secure within the mouth.

Videos and demonstrations of the process and the results may be watched on our website at. This will give you a better visual overview, and offer you a sense of how effective this type of stabilization can be. You may also come in for a consultation and have one of our experienced periodontists guide you through questions and concerns. When it comes to your dentures, you are only as secure as your prosthetics.

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