Dental Implant Solutions For Natural Looking Results

Bionic Style Solutions For Natural Looking ResultsTooth replacement has gone through a number of changes throughout the years. This has included everything from the use of dental putty to fill gaps to partial bridges which suspend facsimile dentition between existing teeth. Major concerns for any patient who requires a tooth replacement include:

• Longevity
• Wear
• Appearance
• Function
• Stability
• Deterioration of existing teeth

Most of the past dental work that includes fabricating a new tooth will meet some of these requirements, but not all of them. This can cause frustration for people who have undergone the procedure, especially if they need to repeat maintenance and replacement over time.

The use of dental implants to replace single teeth is one of the most effective methods available. While this process may also be used for multiple lost teeth, the benefits are quite similar. One large difference that is seen in single tooth replacement is that this may frequently be the result of an accident in an otherwise healthy mouth. Thus the concern for maintaining the presence of teeth that are stable becomes even more important.

What are Dental Implants

A dental implant is literally a piece of titanium that is planted in the gum line, and recessed into the socket where the natural tooth once sat. This socket is where the root is formed, and once the metal is inserted, the bone of the jaw, and often part of the natural tooth bud will form an artificial root around the implant. This root does not contain nerve endings, so incidences of pain and cavities will not become an issues surrounding the replacement tooth.

This anchor for the fabricated tooth is not only exceedingly sturdy, but it is also a stand alone structure. Traditional methods of single tooth replacement will use the dentition on either side of the gap to hold the prosthetic in place. In the long run, this older method can lead to weakening of the roots on the other teeth, and can also cause irritation to the gums, and even the underlying bone. With an implant it is as close as you can come to having your natural tooth back.

Although the implant post is made of metal, the fabricated tooth is crafted from porcelain so that it matches your normal teeth in every way. The replacement tooth fastens to the post and sits flush into the gums, so that the overall appearance is that it is growing from your mouth.

A Simple Process

Dental Implants of Long Island has years of experience with this process, and is updating methods as new innovations arise. Our website can give you a sense of how simple and long lasting this procedure of replacement is, as well as the natural quality of its appearance in your smile.

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