Dental Implant Surgery Risks

Dental Implant Surgery RisksLike any type of surgery, a dental implant procedure is not without its risks. However, the risks associated with dental implant surgery are not nearly as severe as what is found with many procedures, and the choice to invest in a dental implant is often the best decision a person can make in regards to replacing missing teeth.

During dental implant surgery, patients are most often awake and under a local anesthetic to numb the area in order to block pain. These types of anesthetics are very safe and allow the patient to stay completely awake and conscious during the entire procedure, but with no pain being felt around the site of the implant. For patients who are nervous about their surgery, we at Island Dental Associates also offer conscious sedation and nitrous oxide to ease the nerves in a safe and effective manner. After your implant placement is finished, you may still feel a small bit of numbness, but this will wear off quickly to leave you feeling pain free and happy with your decision to have the implant placed.

The one major risk factor associated with dental implant surgery is infection, but under the care of a skilled dentist, this risk goes down significantly. Our dental care professionals at Island Dental Associates will make sure that each patient knows just how to care for their implant once at home to eliminate the risk of infection, and you can trust that your implant was placed both thoroughly and safely. If you have any types of medical conditions that make you more susceptible to infection, it is always best to voice these concerns to your dental professional beforehand to ensure that he or she can relay to you the best possible plan to avoid any type of infection from occurring.

Even with the slight risks involved, having a dental implant placed when a tooth goes missing is one of the best decisions you can make for your teeth. These implants help to keep adjacent teeth healthy as they stop them from moving or shifting to take up the excess space, and they also help to give you a healthy and natural bite while saving your jawbone structure. With the right communication and proper care of your implant, your risks are minimized significantly, and you can rest assured that you’ll be enjoying your new tooth just as you did the old one!

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