Dental Implant with a Porcelain Crown

Why Choose an Implant with a Porcelain Crown?

When you have a missing tooth, several missing teeth, or damaged teeth, it can be quite embarrassing and inconvenient. You do not feel as though you can smile, it strips you of your confidence, and you may even find it to be more difficult to eat and speak. One of the best options for replacing teeth today is an implant. An implant with a porcelain crown could be just the thing you need to return your smile to its former beauty.

Why Choose an Implant?

Do you have other options for replacing teeth other than getting an implant with a porcelain crown? While bridges or even partial dentures are an option, they are not ideal, and they tend to pose more problems than benefits. If the rest of your mouth is healthy, getting an implant is a far better solution. Consider some of the differences between the available options.

With a partial denture, you have to be extremely careful when you are eating, and even when you are speaking. If you aren’t careful, you could find that the dentures actually slip and fall out of your mouth. This can be extremely embarrassing. With an implant, you will not have to worry about this at all. They will keep your new teeth firmly in place.

The implant also helps with the bone health in your jaw around the area where you lost the teeth. The implant can actually stimulate the bone so that you do not have to worry about bone loss later. Again, you will not get this benefit with a bridge or partial dentures.

Those who think that a bridge might be the solution they need will likely want to think again. When they are using a bridge rather than an implant with a porcelain crown, it requires support from the other teeth. In some cases, it is necessary to grind the other teeth to get them to work with the bridge. This is highly damaging to them, and it could create more problems for you down the line.

One of the other benefits of getting an implant with a porcelain crown is the durability that it can offer. They happen to be a great long-term solution that looks great and natural. They are more durable than ceramic crowns are, and they will look great for years to come.

Talk with your dentist about the possibility of getting one of these implants to learn more about why they are better than the other options.


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