Dental Implants Are More Affordable In the Long Run

Dental Implants Are More Affordable In the Long RunWhile the decision to get a dental implant to replace a missing tooth may seem expensive at first, the cost of a dental implant is actually considerably more affordable in the long run when compared to allowing the tooth to go missing or choosing other alternatives. Dental implants allow you to eat the foods you love, gain proper nutrition, and save your other natural teeth all at once, and this is one missing tooth solution that is certainly worth investigating.

When a tooth goes missing, the teeth seated near the now vacant area are also compromised. A tooth’s root is used to give the jawbone its structure, and when a root is not in place the jawbone can begin to lose this structure and loosen or move other nearby teeth that may not have been originally affected in the initial tooth loss. When this occurs, further dental procedures may be found to be necessary, and more teeth could be lost, causing even more dental visits than what would be been needed had an implant been placed. What an implant does is provide an artificial root made of titanium or a similar metal to keep the jawbone structure sound and nearby teeth healthy.

The crown placed on an implant will act just like a normal tooth, and flossing, brushing, and other forms of dental care will be the same with these crowns as they are with other teeth. This will help a person to continue to eat all of the foods they love, and gain the proper nutrition they need from a varied diet. With missing teeth, chewing certain foods is made difficult, and proper nutrition is not often gained, causing a person to experience further health related issues down the road.

We at Island Dental Associates perform dental implant procedures on all types of Franklin Square area patients with missing teeth, and we recognize how affordable this procedure is in the long run when compared to allowing a tooth to remain lost. While the cost of a dental implant may seem like a lot at first, the benefits quickly pay for this cost in a variety of other ways. To learn more about our dental implants, and our affordable implant payment plans, call us at Island Dental Associates today!

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