Dental Implants; Better Than Dentures!

Dental Implants; Better Than Dentures!Tooth loss does not need to be embarrassing.  There are many reasons why we’ve heard that people can lose their teeth, from excessive tobacco use to poor hygiene.  But, it’s important to remember everyone has their own story and not everyone who loses a tooth loses it for those reasons.

Different Stories

Consider Jon, who fell down the stairs when he was a teenager, only to smash his mouth on the steps, knocking out his front tooth.  Or, Larry who could not afford to go to the dentist, so he simply took painkillers for the pain in his back molar, even as the tooth began to chip away and finally fall apart.  And then there’s Debby who had to take special medication when she was in her early twenties that caused her teeth to become weakened and fall out after a few years.  All three of these people have reasons why they lost their teeth and they all wish that it never happened to them.  But they all have a wonderful option for replacement; dental implants.

How Do They Work?

Dental implants are tiny screws that are grafted into the jawbone that replace the root of the missing tooth.  A new crown is placed on top of the screw that looks, acts, and feels just like a regular tooth.  Eating becomes an activity you can enjoy once again because the implants are strong, sturdy, and secure.

What About Dentures?

Dental implants are different from dentures, which are a solid plate that covers the roof of your mouth that has all of your new teeth attached to it.  Dentures must be removed each night and cleaned, and they can cause pain if you get something stuck between your tender palate and the denture plate.  You must be careful what you eat as the plate can slip when you bite into something like a crisp apple, or chew something like a juicy steak.  And you’ll need to secure them in your mouth with a paste or gel to keep them in place while you eat or talk.  Plus, they can loosen over time, requiring adjustments or even replacements.

Big Decision, Big Results

Having dental implants done is a big decision, but it can be one of the best decisions you have ever made.  With dental implants, you can say goodbye to full-mouth dentures that require so much work.  All you need to do is brush them like you brush your regular teeth.  No worries about slipping, no removing them, no gels and pastes. Just the feeling of being back to normal again like the rest of the world.

Whatever your story is, at Island and Shine Dental Associates, we want to help you write a happy ending. With a lab right on the premises, we are able to offer same day implants so that you can begin the procedure and never be without a tooth.  We also offer 0% financing and accept the majority of insurances.  It costs you nothing to come in and see what our professional staff has to offer you.  Why not call today for a free consultation to begin a new chapter in your dental life?

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