Dental Implants Can Prove To Be A Perfect Solution For Missing Teeth

Dental Implants Can Prove To Be A Perfect Solution For Missing TeethTooth loss is a problem for many people worldwide, and the issue does not always stem only from poor dental hygiene. While inadequate brushing and flossing can lead to gum disease, decay, and eventually teeth falling out, sometimes, sports accidents, car crashes, or other incidents are the culprits behind the dilemma. Regardless of why the teeth are missing, the individual must find a suitable replacement. Leaving the area as is, may result in adverse consequences.

For example, the person will have to watch what they eat continually. Crunchy, crispy snacks like potato chips can stab the gum where the tooth used to sit, which is quite painful, causes irritation and makes the location sore. Aside from physical ailments, having one or more missing teeth can lead to an individual feeling self-conscious and embarrassed about their appearance. Rather than laughing, smiling, and having a good time with acquaintances, the person may only concentrate on keeping their lips pursed shut.


Dental Implants Are The Preferred Method Of Choice For Patients And Dentists Alike


There are usually two options that stand out from the rest available to people in need of replacement teeth. Dentures are one of the choices, which are ideal for improving aesthetics and make it possible to eat various types of foods. However, not everyone can get used to the feel of having the device in their mouth. Additionally, over time, the apparatus can become loose and require an adhesive to remain in the correct position. The glue can cause quite a sticky mess, and many people do not care for the taste either. Due to these elements, more and more folks are turning to dental implants to replace missing teeth.

After extracting the tooth, removing the root, and excavating the socket, the doctor must drill a small hole into the jawbone. A titanium post becomes installed, and after the bone fuses with the implant, the patient is left with a robust, stable foundation. Then, an abutment and crown are put into place. In turn, the individual obtains a beautiful, fully functioning tooth, that has a natural feel and appearance. You will be able to eat the things you want when you want, but it is still important to remember to brush and floss. While the new teeth are not susceptible to decay and cavities, failing to practice effective dental hygiene techniques can increase a person’s risk of getting gum disease or another illness. Allow our team the opportunity to discuss dental implants with you, over a free consultation, and find out all of the benefits for yourself.

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