Dental Implants Let You Eat What You Want When You Want

Dental Implants Let You Eat What You Want When You Want Attempting to eat without teeth, or with ones that are not healthy, is not an easy task. Sharp food particles can poke and cut your gums, leaving you in terrible pain, while you miss out on daily nutritional requirements because you have to stop eating. Removing certain foods from your diet may help, but don’t you want to eat the things that you love? Many denture wearers have learned first hand, from attempting to bite corn on the cob, or another food, that it is hard to chew these types of items with a misaligned bite. However, there is an alternative available. Dental implants are stable, secure, and capable of handling all types of meat, fruits, vegetables, and more.

Bridges Require Modifications To Existing Teeth

Dental implants are ideal for replacing a single tooth, or multiple ones, without damaging other parts of your mouth. While bridges are durable, sturdy, and reliable, they require teeth in the vicinity of the missing one to be ground. The process sounds a lot worse than it is, but still, do you want healthy teeth sacrificed? Minimal damage occurs when dental implants become installed. The titanium implant is inserted, into the void left behind by an extracted tooth, with little to no damage occurring to other parts of the mouth.

Another critical aspect of bridges is that a gap is typically left between the teeth and gum line, which is an inviting place for harmful bacteria, food particles, and sticky residue to accumulate. Decay, diseases like gingivitis, and other illnesses can occur if these items are allowed to get into these cracks and are left unchecked. Dental implants appear natural, have space between teeth to floss, and there are no open areas for foods to hide.

No Special Cleaning Tools Or Accessories Required

After having dental implants put in, just brush, floss, and rinse like you normally would with your natural teeth. Although the titanium and ceramic materials will not deteriorate, your gums, tongue, and cheeks need to remain clean to prevent infections from occurring. If you want to take your oral health to another level, consult with your dentist about which toothpaste, brush, and mouthwash are the best to use.

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