Dispelling The Myths About Dental Implants

Natural beauty girl with good skin smilesLong Island is home to more than 7 million, and Franklin Square in particular has a very highly concentrated population density, with nearly 30,000 living within its borders. Many of those will end up needing dental care at some point in the future. One of the procedures that has quickly become popular in the dental community is that of dental implants. But at Island Dental Associates, we have noticed that many myths exist about dental implants. Dispelling these myths is important since the fears they create can often lead some to decide that dental implants aren’t right for them.

In reality, dental implants are one of the best options out there for getting the smile that you deserve. Here are some of the myths that people believe, and the truth about them.

They’re PainfulIt’s easy to assume that dental implants are painful to have placed since the procedure involves setting anchors into your mouth. But the entire procedure is done under anesthesia, so in reality you won’t feel discomfort or pain. Some soreness following the procedure may be present, but it is usually very tolerable for those who have implants placed. And since many implants are done in two-step procedures, pain is reduced even further.

They’re ExpensiveThis is probably a more common misconception than any other. People assume that since implants are a permanent solution that they cost far more than dentures or other options. But in reality, they are often very comparable to partials, dentures, or bridges. In some cases they may even be more affordable.

They’re Hard To Care ForWith dentures or other options, you pop the appliance out of your mouth and clean it. Many assume that since implants are in your mouth for good that they’re harder to care for or that they need special attention. But the truth is that they’re cared for as if they were a real tooth. They’re easier to clean and maintain than any other option out there.

They Feel StrangeFinally, it’s common for people to believe that dental implants will feel odd in their mouth. But compared to dentures, which cover the roof of the mouth, or partials that feature metal, implants are more natural than anything else. In fact, once they’re in you will quickly forget they’re there. Implants are so close to the real thing you probably won’t notice the difference once they’ve been implanted.

We know it can be difficult to decide that implants are right for you, and we’re here to help. Contact us today to get answers to your questions, learn more about implants, see what services we offer, and set up a free consultation. You may be surprised by the benefits that dental implants offer you.

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