Do You Have Less Than 32 teeth?

Do You Have Less Than 32 teeth?Did you know that the adult mouth contains 32 permanent teeth? That’s right, our mouths contain 8 different types of teeth with a pair on the top and a pair on the bottom. The types of teeth that most adults have are:

  • Third Molars (Wisdom Teeth)
  • Second Molars
  • First Molars
  • Second Bicuspids
  • First Bicuspids
  • Cuspids (Canine or Eye Teeth)
  • Lateral Incisors
  • Central Incisors

Each tooth has a function in your mouth to help you when it comes to chewing your food.  The incisors are used to bite and cut through the food while the cuspids are for tearing.  When it comes to grinding and chewing the food, the premolars, molars, and wisdom teeth get in on the action.  All of your teeth work together in perfect harmony to get your food off of the plate and into your tummy!

Sometimes they Get Lost

Unfortunately, we don’t always get through life with all of our adult teeth intact.  Sometimes we can lose a tooth or two and when that happens, the whole system gets thrown into turmoil.  The remaining teeth have to work overtime to compensate for what is lost.  And sometimes, depending on where the missing tooth is located, other teeth around it can become susceptible to damage or become loose themselves. This can lead to even more trouble in your mouth.

While many adults don’t need their wisdom teeth and often get them removed, the rest of the teeth are usually more necessary for functioning.  When you’re missing a tooth, it’s important that you see your dentist to discover your options for getting a replacement.  That’s where dental implants can be a big help.

Let Us Help

At Island and Shine Dental Associates, we don’t want to see your good remaining teeth go bad, so our professional staff will help with your implant decision.  We’ll walk you through every step that it takes to get your mouth back to its 32-tooth perfection in no time. With a dental implant, we’ll even replace the root of the tooth to prevent sagging and help keep the surrounding teeth performing in top shape.  So natural, no one will even know that it isn’t the tooth you were born with.

Come and see us today at one of our convenient locations in Franklin Square or on the Jericho Turnpike in Syosset. We’re here to let you know, it’s okay if you lose a tooth, as long as you replace it as soon as you do.

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