Full Dental Implants Or Mini Implants?

Full Dental Implants Or Mini Implants?A new development in the field of dental implants has been the mini implant, which don’t anchor a single tooth or row of teeth so much as they anchor a set of dentures. Mini implants have a number of qualities to recommend them, such as an easier surgery period, but whether they’re better than regular implants may depend on your current situation.

How Long Have You Had Dentures?

If it’s been years since the last of your teeth came out, then mini implants are definitely a good choice for you. Once your teeth are out and you’ve switched to dentures, your jaw will start to shrink – first quickly as your gums collapse, then slowly as the bone starts to degenerate without any teeth or dental implants to stimulate growth. This can make it hard to find enough bone to anchor a full-size implant, and while you can still get a full implant with an expensive and time-consuming bone graft, a mini implant isn’t so picky.

Do You Want To Keep Your Dentures?

Another benefit of mini implants is the fact that they can work with any set of dentures – all you need to do is retrofit your existing set with the right connectors in the right places and you’ll be good to go even on the day of the installation.

How Sensitive Are You To Surgery?

An extended, somewhat invasive surgery may not be a feasible option for everyone who’s looking for a dental implant. Perhaps you have a weak immune system or an unusually slow recovery time, but mini implants are better for when you simply want to get in, get out, and get on with your life.

Full-size implants still have their own appeal, of course. Regular dental implants can be cleaned the same as any ordinary tooth instead of needing to be removed and washed separately like dentures, and some dentists can even offer a full extraction-to-implant single-day service that manages to bypass the usual months-long recovery time. Still, to some people mini implants are exactly the right size for their needs.

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