Full Mount Implant Porcelain Crowns as Restorative Options

Full mouth implant porcelain crowns provide a lasting, attractive solution to lost teeth. These implants are fixed in place permanently, fusing with the tissue in your jaw and actually providing significant health benefits because of that.

The full implant porcelain crowns require a surgical procedure to start with. This is followed by a couple more procedures, in most cases, which have short recovery times compared to the first.

Placing the Implants

The full mouth implant and porcelain crowns are put in place using a surgery that connects anchors directly to the jaw. This is the first part of the procedure and, after it’s done, the healing process allows the implants to bond with your jaw. When this process has completed, the dentist will begin the final processes.

First, they may have to expose the implants, but this isn’t always the case. If they do, they’ll perform this procedure and may attach extensions to the implants to lengthen them. The implants and then fitted with abutments. The abutments are the actual part of the implant that the teeth attach to.

Once the full mouth implant is in, porcelain crowns are mounted on it to provide the final result. The aesthetics are excellent and the teeth feel natural. The benefits go further than this, however, and are significant.

The implants replace some of the roots that your natural teeth had. This keeps the bone in your jaw from degrading over time, which is vital to your overall dental health. Instead of the compromised bite pressure you have with standard dentures, these dentures allow you to use your bite pressure naturally, which mean that you can chew naturally.

Over time, dentures and crowns tend to allow gum tissue to degrade around them. The end result of this is oftentimes a sunken looking smile that causes quite a bit of insecurity for some people. With the full mouth implant and porcelain crowns, you won’t’ have to worry about this. The tissue stays healthy, so your smile looks healthy.

This procedure is a great alternative to regular dentures. It’s also a far more stable and healthy solution. The initial procedure is the only with a significant healing time, but you’ll have dentures to wear while you wait for the implants to set in place. Once they do, you can get it procedure finished and have the confidence that comes with a natural, healthy smile.


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