The Benefits of a Full Mouth Implant Porcelain Bridge

A full mouth implant porcelain bridge is a more advanced solution to missing teeth than a standard bridge. The full mouth implant porcelain bridge is surgically implanted into your jaw, firmly anchored in place and is incredibly reliable. It’s not like a regular bridge, where slipping and reduced ability to chew sometimes result. It’s also not prone to some of the other issues that go along with regular bridges that can have serious effects on the overall health of your teeth.

What it offers

The full mouth implant porcelain bridge is anchored directly into your jaw. This continues to stimulate your jawbone in the same way that the natural roots of your teeth did. Without this stimulation, your jaw tissue can degrade over time.

In addition to this, bridges sometimes cause the gums around them to recede. This is why the sometimes result in a hollowed out smile, which can really affect people’s confidence levels. The full mouth implant porcelain bridge offers a way to preserve your natural smile, and the gum tissue stays healthy and full.

Getting the Implant

The full mouth porcelain bridge is implanted in your mouth via a surgery. The dentist will need to let you recover anywhere from two to six months after the procedure is completed. Once you’ve healed up, there might be another procedure involving exposing the implants, but this isn’t necessary for every patient.

Extensions might be fitted to the implants. Abutments will be fitted, as these are the anchors that actually hold the replacement bridge in place. The teeth the dentist makes for you are aesthetically superior to those used in standard bridges. They allow you to use your regular bite pressure.

There’s nothing anchored in with cement, as is the case with regular bridges, so there’s not the same risk of tooth decay. The cement that holds bridges in sometimes gets washed away after a while and this can head to a buildup of bacteria. When this happens, you might end up with tooth decay. Because there’s no cement involved, this is eliminated.

The full mouth implant porcelain bridge might be a great option for you that can restore your natural smile and give you your confidence back. Combined with the health benefits that go along with it, it’s far superior to having a regular bridge. Your dentist can assess you to see if you’re a good candidate for this procedure.


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