Getting To Know Mini Dental Implants

Getting To Know Mini Dental ImplantsWhile it may seem so, not all dental implants are created the same, and mini dental implants actually differ from standard dental implants quite a bit. A full dental implant takes a small post and replaces a tooth’s root structure, and adhered to that structure is a dental crown to behave as a natural tooth, but mini dental implants are used for an entirely different purpose. Mini dental implants are for those who use dentures, and what they do is keep the dentures properly stabilized without the need for adhesives or other denture fixating products.

Mini dental implants are placed much like the posts associated with regular dental implants, as they’re placed into the gum and jawbone structure much like a natural tooth root. A mini dental implant will have some of the post left exposed, however, as they will then be used to snap into a set of dentures in order to hold them into place.

Like dental implants, mini dental implants don’t come with a painful procedure. During the placement of the posts, patients will be sufficiently numbed in order to not feel the actual placement at all, and while some pain or discomfort may be experienced afterward, it is manageable through the use of over the counter pain medications. Typically, mini dental implants don’t require the same healing time as regular dental implants, and this allows the implants to be used even more quickly so a person won’t need to go without their needed teeth.

Mini dental implants may be used on newly fabricated dentures, or an already existing pair, and this allows you to have the convenience of mini dental implants while using your current dentures. Using the mini dental implants is easy, and all you need to do is snap on, or snap off, your dentures as you see fit. With a standard dental implant, the placement of the post and crown is permanent, but mini dental implants still allow you to remove and clean your dentures as you like.

At Island Dental Associates perform both mini dental implant procedures and standard dental implant procedures, so no matter your implant concern, we have you covered. If you’d like to see if mini dental implants are right for you, simply call us at Island Dental Associates today for a consultation!

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