Getting Used To Your Dental Implants

Getting Used To Your Dental ImplantsDental implants have long been recognized as the primary solution for replacing missing teeth as well as improving your quality of life and restoring your smile. They are a more effective and efficient alternative to full and partial dentures, despite the higher cost involved. Denture wearers know the embarrassment that can result when their dentures move and slip out of place. Additionally, your facial muscles have the tendency to tense up when trying to hold your dentures in place. This is never an issue with dental implants.

Dental Implants of Long Island can help you replace your missing teeth so that you do not have to endure those embarrassing moments mentioned above. Your implants will restore the chewing ability and tooth functionality so you can enjoy more foods that you normally wouldn’t be able to with dentures. Plus, you will be able to taste the food better because you don’t have an upper denture covering the palate of your mouth and reducing your ability to do so. If you have dental implants installed for stabilizing and supporting your current dentures, we can remove the upper denture palate so this doesn’t become a problem.

Adjusting to your new dental implants will require some due diligence and patience on your behalf since some surgical procedures are involved where the gums and jaw bone are concerned. Your mouth may feel sore for a while after the procedure is completed, but the soreness typically subsides after several days. In rare cases, it may last a few weeks. One way or the other, your dentist or oral surgeon will prescribe a mild sedative to counteract any pain and discomfort that you experience.

There is also the possibility that your gums may feel different after the surgery due to and changes in the gum contour that the dentist may have to perform. As a result, you may feel or notice an odd sensation, especially when running your tongue along your gums and teeth. Plus, if you have been wearing permanent dentures, you may have experienced changes to your gums already, even if you do not feel or notice any. Rest assured that these are only minor changes and do not pose any significant risk to your health.

We want your experience with your dental implants to be a pleasant one. So if you have any questions regarding the procedure or need more information on the subject, please contact Dental Implants of Long Island today.

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