Give Implant Dentures A Try If You’re Not A Fan Of Traditional Dentures

If you don’t like the idea of wearing false teeth, then implant dentures may be a good alternative for you. These types of implants let you wear dental prosthetics without adhesive being used. Nobody wants to wear dentures and worry about them falling out, which is why implant dentures are worth considering.

Receiving mini implants for dentures is an easy process and you will enjoy the benefits they have to offer your years to come. First, an x-ray of your jawbone will be taken by a dentist, and then the length of the implants you’ll need will be measured. Attaching the implants doesn’t take that long. In fact, it takes as long as the process of filling a tooth.

Your dentist may decide to take your current dentures. They may also decide to just fit your dentures over the anchors. Don’t worry though because attaching the anchors and fitting the dentures takes place on the same day, which is convenient.

If you qualify for implant dentures, then you will love wearing them because you won’t have to worry about your teeth moving around and you’ll have no issues with eating your food. In fact, food will be enjoyable to you again because the implant dentures don’t cover your mouth’s roof. As soon as you receive your implant dentures, you can go home and eat.

Best of all, you will not have to endure the taste of adhesive. Many people who wear false teeth cannot stand the taste. Lucky for you, anchors will be used instead of adhesives.

Since implants are attached to your jawbone, you can rest assure your original facial structure will be maintained. Regular dentures can actually pull or push your facial features, which can change your face’s shape. Implant dentures are worn as if they were part of your jaw, which is why your facial shape shouldn’t change.

Not only that, but you will be able to have conversations without having to struggle with enunciating your words. This isn’t always the case with traditional dentures. This is why implant dentures is becoming increasingly popular.

These types of implants can help you get rid of your bad breath. When you have false teeth, they move around when you eat. Food ends up getting stuck to your dentures and bacteria starts to buildup, which results in bad breath.

Mini implants do an excellent job at keeping your false teeth set in place. This means food won’t accumulate under your dentures. When you don’t have to deal with bad breath, then you’ll be more confident when engaging in conversations with other people.

Mini implant dentures will usually come with some sort of warranty. Also, taking care of these dentures is easy. Just make sure you ask your dentist how to maintain them. Ask about their warranty too.

Many dentists have 5-10 year warranties. If your implants become cracked or damaged, then they will fix it under their warranty. The chances are you won’t have to pay extra for this service.

Do you have missing teeth and you don’t want to get traditional dentures? Maybe you have false teeth, but you are sick and tired of how difficult they are to wear. If this sounds like you, then contact your dentist and ask them if you are able to get this option. If you do, then you will enjoy all the benefits they have to offer.

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