Gone, Baby, Gone. The Tooth Replacement Dilemma

Gone, Baby, Gone. The Tooth Replacement DilemmaNot everyone is lucky enough to have a strong set of teeth. Sometimes, circumstances prevail that result in a missing tooth; or losing more than one.

The Trauma of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can be traumatic in many ways. There are many reasons why a tooth falls out, or must be removed, and some of those reasons are unavoidable. Though some may not feel this way, many people become depressed when they have multiple teeth removed. When we lose a permanent tooth, we feel like we are losing a part of our self that should be there forever. It can take a long time to feel whole again, but they quickest way to get there is to have the missing tooth replaced by a professional dentist.


Common Replacement Options

There are several options available today to replace missing teeth. Dentures are one option. When many teeth are lost, such as a full upper or lower plate, dentures are a low-cost option that can give you back your smile in no time. However, they can pose a host of problems to the wearer such as unnatural appearance, impaired speech, difficulty eating, irritation, and slippage.

Bridges are used when one or more teeth are missing in a section of your mouth. They are sturdier than dentures and more aesthetically pleasing. However, the healthy teeth around the missing ones must be ground down to affix the bridge, and bone loss under the bridge is quite common. Tooth decay is also a concern.


Superior Replacement Options

Dental Implants are the superior choice when deciding how to replace that which you have lost. They not only look and feel like real teeth, they are just as strong. No one will know that these are not your own, natural teeth. You can eat whatever you like, from apples to chicken wings, without fear of slippage or irritation. With implants, your risk of tooth decay is eliminated and because they are permanently fixed in your mouth, you never have to remove them. Implants are so sturdy and secure, they can last you for the rest of your life with minimal adjustments. And many patients can get their implant done and affixed in one day!

Now that you know your options, doesn’t it make sense to choose dental implants as your best bet for tooth replacement? Gone will be the feeling of loss that happened when your own teeth went missing. The feeling of completion will have you back to your old self in no time…maybe even better. Call us or stop in so we can work on a plan for your new teeth. We’re located in Franklin Square, NY, on the Hempstead Turnpike.

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