How Dental Implants Can Help You To Improve A Smile With Missing Teeth

How Dental Implants Can Help You To Improve A Smile With Missing TeethMissing teeth can not only cause a person to lose confidence in their smile, but it can also make chewing and speaking more difficult. When teeth are left to go missing, other surrounding teeth can also be affected, and this can cause further tooth loss. Dental implants provide a solution to missing teeth problems, and these can not only allow you to save your smile, but they can help you to live easier and save your surrounding teeth as well!

In order to understand how dental implants work, one must first understand how they are placed and exactly what they are meant to do. When a tooth is missing, the root which once held the tooth in place also helped to hold up the structure of the jawbone, and a missing root can cause the jawbone to loose its structure which compromises other teeth. The first step in getting a dental implant is to replace this missing root with a titanium post buried beneath the gum line. This post will fuse to the surrounding bone structure during the healing process, and help the jawbone to retain its structure and keep surrounding teeth in place.

After the titanium post has been placed, and the healing process is well underway, an abutment will be placed on top of the post to create an anchor for a new tooth. The gum line surrounding this abutment will heal to the new structure, and a waiting period will then begin to allow the jawbone and the gum to get used to the new additions completely.

The total healing process for the first 2 steps of a dental implant procedure will typically last around 3 to 4 months, and after this time is up, a new tooth will then be placed on the abutment much like how a crown would be placed on a broken tooth or one that has received a root canal. This new tooth functions just like a regular tooth, and it may be brushed, flossed, and chewed on just like any other natural teeth!

A dental implant is made to work and look just like a natural tooth, and it can bring the life and confidence back into a smile that once had missing teeth. At Island Dental Associates, we love to give our Franklin Square area customers the confidence they need in their smile and their teeth, and our dental implant procedures are pain-free and uncomplicated. To learn more about getting a dental implant, call us at Island Dental Associates today!

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