How Dental Implants Save Natural Teeth

How Dental Implants Save Natural TeethDental implants don’t simply save your smile after you’ve experienced tooth loss, but they can actually help to save your natural teeth as well. While the concern of a gap in your smile is a big reason that many opt to receive a dental implant, this isn’t the only reason why one would want to do so, and even if your missing tooth is one that isn’t typically seen, it’s still important to consider a dental implant procedure.

When a tooth is lost, there is a gap left behind, and this doesn’t simply mean the gap you can see. The tooth root structure that once held the tooth into the gums will go missing as well, and your adjacent teeth will want to move and shift in order to fill this opening. While the opening becoming naturally closed may seem like a good idea, and nature’s way of fixing the problem, this shifting can cause other teeth to become damaged, weakened, or lost, and you could find yourself with multiple missing teeth after some time.

A dental implant post is used to fill this gap left by the former tooth root structure, and this tells adjacent teeth to stay in their place. By filling this gap with the implant post, other teeth will remain in their own natural place, and this helps to keep teeth strong and healthy.

Occupying the missing root area isn’t the only way in which implants help to save natural teeth, as they also provide an adequate bite surface as well. As you chew, the teeth are meant to distribute pressure evenly, making sure that no single tooth or area of teeth is tasked with too much impact, but a missing tooth can really throw off the balance. A dental implant will have a crown attached that can act just like a natural tooth, and you’ll be able to chew with and on the structure without worry, thereby saving other teeth from working too hard to make up for those missing.

At Island Dental Associates, we know just how important dental implants can be to your natural teeth, which is why this is one solution that we frequently recommend to our patients experiencing tooth loss. To learn more about our dental implant procedures, and how they can save your natural teeth, simply call us at Island Dental Associates today.

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