If I Lose A Back Tooth, Do I Still Need A Dental Implant?

If I Lose A Back Tooth, Do I Still Need A Dental Implant?At Dental Implants of LI, one misconception that we see all the time is that dental implants are simply cosmetic. That they’re for people who have a tooth go missing, and want to replace the area with a new tooth so to save the aesthetic appeal of their smile. What many don’t know is that dental implants have a lot more to them than just fashion, and while they look great, their function is an important one in your overall oral health. For this reason, we do recommend having a dental implant procedure whether you’ve lost a front tooth or a back tooth, and there are several reasons why.

First and foremost, our mouths are made to chew evenly. What this means is that each tooth has something of a job to be done, and your teeth work together to process food before it is sent away down our throats for digestion. When a tooth isn’t present to do its job, the other teeth have to make up for it, and this leads to premature wear and tear. As teeth get worn down, they become more susceptible to damage or decay themselves, and this could lead to further dental implant procedures or other procedures becoming necessary.

On top of the chewing problem, there is also the moving problem, and this is one of the most important reasons that a dental implant procedure should be performed no matter where the missing tooth once belonged. When a tooth and tooth root vacate their assigned position in your mouth, other teeth take note of the space and try to fill up the gap. With a bit of extra room, why not take advantage of it! The problem with this is that this causes teeth to become both crooked and loose, which can lead to further tooth damage and tooth loss.

Dental implants are for a whole lot more than just cosmetic purposes, although they do serve an important one. While they can help you to get your confidence in your smile back, they can also really relieve the stress placed on your other teeth, and help to save them in a practical way. Whether it’s a front tooth, or a back tooth, when a tooth goes missing, a dental implant procedure is always a smart way to go!

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