Immediate Dental Implants

What are immediate dental implants?

An immediate dental implant refer to a technique that consists in removing a tooth and placing an implant in the jawbone within the same dentist consultation. This is not an option available to everyone since several factors are used to determine whether or not an immediate dental implant is possible. As a dentist, these are the factors I take into consideration before deciding whether or not an immediate implant is an option:

– The overall health of the patient to make sure the patient will be able to recover quickly and without any complications

– The quality and quantity of the bone present in the area where the implant will have to be placed

– The absence of infection in the area that needs to be treated

There are several advantages to opting for an immediate dental implant:

– A second appointment and surgery are necessary if it is not possible to take care of both procedures during the same visit

– The patient will not have to wait for the area to heal after the extraction before getting their dental implant since a bridge or a final crown can be installed right away

– Overall, there is less discomfort since only one surgery is needed

You should ask your dentist about immediate dental implants to find out whether or not this option is available to you.

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