Immediate Implants with Same-Day Tooth or Teeth

Would you believe that you can get a tooth removed and completely replaced all in one trip to the dentist? It’s true! We don’t mean a temporary bridge or partial dentures, either – we’re talking about a full replacement, also known as an implant. By combining the new technology that allows for same-day tooth replacement with the strategy of immediate implants, you can easily have a bad tooth taken out and then walk out of the dentist’s office looking no different than before.

The idea is fairly simple. First, you have the concept of immediate implants. This is simply when the “implant” portion of your tooth replacement fixture – the metal rod that is placed in the jawbone – is inserted directly into the opening where the newly removed tooth was rooted. This allows the process of the jaw melding around the implant to be combined with the process of the jaw healing from the tooth extraction. It keeps the jawbone stronger, preventing it from receding from areas where it does not have to support a tooth.

Same-day tooth replacements are a somewhat newer invention. Previously, the implant phase of a tooth replacement would be given months to integrate with the bone around it before the crown portion was attached. With new CT scans, the dentist is better able to add a crown without this additional wait. Many patients can get their new tooth implant in one procedure.

The combination of the two allows for a streamlined extraction and replacement process. You come into the dentist’s office with a damaged or infected tooth, and leave with a replacement tooth that looks and behaves almost the same as a natural tooth. It combines everything into one day, meaning your recovery will be faster and you won’t have to worry about the gap of a missing tooth for even a moment.

While the idea may be simple, the execution can be complicated. Not every dentist offers immediate implants along with same-day tooth or teeth replacement. However, when you find one that does, you will be grateful you looked. Walking out with the same smile you walked in with will do a lot for your confidence and also for the health of your mouth. It may even give you the confidence to deal with that painful tooth that you’ve been avoiding, perhaps for the worry of having a gap in your teeth.


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