Immediate Loading Dental Implants

What are immediate loading dental implants?

An immediate loading implant is a fixture installed on the same of day of the placement surgery. This is a common option for patients who are concerned about the aesthetic results. If a single tooth needs to be replaced, it is possible to restore it with a temporary crown until it is time for the final one. The temporary crown is used only for aesthetic purposes and it is left out of the bite so the implant has time to fuse with the bone.

If your dentist mentions a procedure called teeth in an hour, they are talking about an immediate loading implant with full dentures. This option is often used for patients who do not have any teeth. The dentures are the final restorations and it is possible to install them right away since they are supported by more than one implants, which reduces the chances of implant failure. This is an amazing option since patients who do not have any teeth can walk out of their dentist’s office with the smile they always dreamed of. This option is also very convenient since patients do not have to schedule multiple appointments.


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