Benefits of Implant Screw Retained Porcelain Bridges

An implant screw retained porcelain bridge is a type of restoration process that will help to restore a patient’s missing teeth with the addition of at least two titanium roots placed into the jawbone. The bridge also requires attaching artificial teeth to them at the end of the process to help give the patient a natural looking smile with porcelain crowns that look like real teeth. In addition to porcelain, other options are available, including gold alloy, and zirconia metal oxide. However, the porcelain option provides the patient with a truly natural look.

Why Choose Implant Screw Retained Porcelain Bridges?

These bridges offer some great benefits. They will help you get back your great smile, and they allow you to speak clearly and chew properly. They look natural, and they will help to maintain your tooth and jaw alignment since there is no danger of other teeth shifting out of place. It is also possible to replace the teeth with less danger to the surrounding teeth when you make use of implants rather than traditional bridges. The other bridges put pressure on the surrounding teeth, and this can ultimately cause more damage to the mouth, which is the last thing the patient needs.

The screw retention option also ensures that there is easier removal of the bridge whenever it might be necessary, for example for restoration or maintenance. The implants are sturdy and reliable as well, and they are far more reliable than the cement used in bridges. One of the issues with the cement in traditional bridges is that it can erode over time and allow food and bacteria to get into the bridge, which can damage your oral health.

The Risks of Implant Screw Retained Porcelain Bridges

While these sorts of implant bridges are quite safe and proven to work well, they do have some risks associated with them. First, they require a perfect fitting so the process can sometimes take longer. In some very rare cases, the implants may not fuse properly with the jaw and they may require removal. In the event of chipped porcelain or loose screws, it might be necessary to go in for maintenance. Of course, this is true of many different types of dental work.

The risks are minimal though, and most dentists will recommend getting implants as long as your general health and overall health indicate that you are a good candidate for these bridges.


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