Implant Supported Temporary Bridge

When Do You Receive the Implant Supported Temporary Bridge?

When you are going through the procedure of getting dental implants, you will actually go through more than one surgery most of the time. In these cases, after the implants fuse with the bone, you can talk with your dentist about the second surgery. They will make sure the fusing process is complete. At that time, they can schedule the second surgery, which is quite mild. They will make an incision in the gums to expose the top of each implant. They may need to place a cap on top of the exposed implant, which can help to ensure that the gums heal properly. At that point, they will place a collar on the area, until the following visit when you receive an implant supported temporary bridge.

These bridges may be held in place with screws or with cement, and they can attach directly to the implant or an abutment. The dentist will determine which of the options is best for you. Once you have the temporary bridge, it will need to stay in place for between four and eight weeks. These implant supported temporary bridges are not as hard as the permanent bridge, which you will get later. Since the material is softer, it actually acts as additional protection for those implants while you are chewing.

When you have the implant supported temporary bridge in your mouth, you need to make sure you are taking proper care of it and cleaning it right and regularly. It is very important to clean the area between the gum and the bridge where old food and bacteria could possibly build up. It is generally possible to clean and floss the bridge just as you would your natural teeth. However, your dentist may have other recommendations or even special floss you can use. As always, follow the recommendations of your dentist for the best results.

If you take good care of the bridges, the temporary and the permanent bridge you eventually receive, they can last a long time. These surgeries and implants are proven and successful, and the rate of failure is very small. The only real complications that might occur would be broken or failing screws, or loose crowns. The instances of failures and complications are very small though.

The implant supported temporary bridge should not pose any issues for you while you are awaiting the permanent bridge. If it does, speak with your dentist immediately.


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