Important Reasons To Get A Broken Dental Implant Repaired Quickly

Important Reasons To Get A Broken Dental Implant Repaired QuicklyYes, dental implants are sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting, but they are also human-made, which means there is always the possibility of them breaking. Your bones are likely to fracture before the titanium post, but other parts like the abutment or crown may become cracked, chipped, or broken. Posts may become loose for a variety of different reasons, but the hard metal itself does not break.

An insecure dental implant will have to be, removed, and the procedure done again. Leaving it the way it is can result in other teeth, gums, cheeks, or another area in your mouth becoming injured, so if you have a loose implant, consult your dentist right away. Porcelain, or ceramic materials, which crowns often are made of, become sharp and pointy when they chip. These edges can leave you with nasty cuts, which can form into sores and become painful.

Dental Implants Stimulate Bone Growth

One of the main reasons that patients opt to have implants installed is to keep their looks intact. The post stimulates the jaw bone, as well as your gum line to prevent them from deteriorating and receding. However, if the implant is dangling around, it did not fuse properly with the bone, and leaving it as is, may eventually change your facial features. The chances are that if you paid the price, had the implants installed, and went through the discomfort, to achieve a gorgeous set of chompers, then you want to keep them that way. Don’t let the face staring back at you in the mirror become unrecognizable, allow your dentist the opportunity to fix the problem.

Don’t Forget You Need Your Teeth To Eat

If you do not enjoy a liquid diet, or eating soft and mushy foods, get your implants repaired, if they become broken, to meet dietary restrictions. Devouring foods that you enjoy should not be a painful, or intimidating process. A loose, or broken implant, can make it difficult to chew meats, vegetables, fruits, and anything else. Your body can become undernourished, causing you to become sick, fatigued, and frail, but all of that can be avoided, by consulting with your dental professionals to resolve the issue.

Ask Questions If You Have Any Concerns About Your Dental Implants

Obviously, you do not know the answer to all of the issues surrounding implants, but your dentist does. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the procedure, maintenance, cleaning, or another topic, regardless of how silly you might think that they are. No one knows the answer to a question until someone has answered it for them, and your dentist would rather you ask now than having to repair a problem later. Keep your smile beautiful and your teeth functioning properly, by getting your implant fixed quickly if the need arises.

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