Incredible Tooth Implant Benefits

Solve Your Tooth Trouble With Dental ImplantsDental implants are wonderful for the replacement of one or more teeth that you may be missing in your mouth, all without impacting any other teeth around them. They can help to support a bridge, and will also be suitable for dentures.

The implants offer firm support, making dentures more comfortable and stable. The danger of slippage is reduces and they will also eliminate your need for partial dentures.

The Differences In Tooth Implant Types

There are generally two different kinds of implants that are being used today, including those that are placed inside the bone and the kind that goes on top of the bone.

The first kind of implant is placed right inside the bone and is the most commonly used style. The various implants used to place them inside the bone include screws, cylindrical and plate implants.

With the second kind that goes on top of the bone and under the gum, it is often used for patients who do not have sufficient bone height for the other style. This is the kind of implant that will be custom made for the patient.

Tooth Implants Benefits

An implant is beneficial and more conservative than having bridge work done. With bridges, the adjoining teeth get ground down to act as a support for the bridge. With dental implants, the adjoining teeth are left alone. When compared to bridged, the dental implants can actually save your teeth.

Dental implants look natural and work to restore function of lost teeth. You can chew, eat and even talk normally, while also enjoying restored looks and your smile. You never need to hide a smile ever again.

As the implants are placed inside the bone and they integrate, further bone loss and the recession of your gums will be prevented. Dentures and bridges do not prevent bone or gum loss.

Finally, tooth implants are cost effective, as you will only be having the missing tooth replaced. With bridge work, even when you have to have a single tooth replaced, you will have to build the bridges to span three teeth. This can end up being more expensive over the long run, as these teeth that are adjoining may get damaged.

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