Interesting Tid-Bits From The History Of Dental Implants

Interesting Tid-Bits From The History Of Dental ImplantsDental implants are an ideal choice to replace missing teeth. The materials used to create them are sturdy, reliable, and do not deteriorate, which makes them a long-lasting option. Modern technologies, procedures, and practices have come a long way when you compare them to earlier ones. However, regardless of how, the implants were installed, one constant always remains the same, which is healthy teeth are important for chewing and eating. Without them, it is hard to receive nutritional requirements that are essential for survival.

The Earliest Recorded Dental Implants

Fossils recovered from early Mayan civilizations, around 500 or 600 A.D., have given us an inside look at items that were used to replace teeth. Now keep in mind that these people did not have oral conscious or other types of sedation for these procedures, so it was not likely the pleasant experience that we have grown accustomed to, with modern practices. Sea shell fragments, stones, and even Jade were carved into a desirable shape, then installed in place of the missing tooth or teeth. Although the methods were primitive, some of these dental implants even fused with the jaw bone, giving the person a sturdy replacement.

An Accidental Discovery

In 1952, an orthopedic surgeon discovered that a titanium cylinder, which he implanted to study the healing process in bones, could not be removed. The bone had affixed itself to the metal in a process known as osseointegration, which helped make our modern dental implants so effective and efficient. This data became widely used in dental schools to educate current and future dentists of the method. Many significant discoveries in history have come by way of unexpected findings, but that should not take away from their importance to society.

Not All Dental Implants Should Be The Same Shape And Size

We have grown accustomed to having everything our way, all of the time, thanks to modern conveniences. When the process of installing dental implants first began, the posts came in a suitable one-size-fits-all dimension, which was not always the most convenient for patients. However, these trial and error methods led the way for what we consider one of the best options available to replace teeth, so before becoming affixed on the discomfort involved with new dentistry, remember what some patients experienced in the past, to give you the options that are available now.

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