Long Term Health Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants have long-term health benefits that anybody who wants a permanent solution to missing teeth should consider. They are one more reason that these implants are becoming very popular with dentists and their patients.

Compared to Bridges

The most common type of bridge that people get installed to deal with more than one missing tooth or a single missing tooth is called a fixed bridge. In order to install this bridge, your dentist actually has to grind down perfectly healthy teeth located on either side of the missing tooth.

There are bridges that are cemented into place, sometimes called Maryland bridges, and these have issues, as well. When the cement washes away from the bridge, it can lead to tooth decay.

Dental implants have neither of these problems. They don’t require that any healthy teeth be ground down to accommodate the bridge. They also don’t require that any cement or other bonding agents be used to keep the bridge in place. It’s actually kept in place by a metal or zirconium posted that is mounted directly into the jaw. Believe it or not, this also has health benefits.

Compared to Bridges and Dentures

Bridges have problems unique to them that dentures don’t have – tooth decay, for example – but dentures are generally an even more unsatisfactory solution to missing teeth. Dental implants have an important health benefit compared to both of these tooth restoration methods.

Dental implants actually stimulate the bone in your jaw. This can prevent a common problem with bridges, crowns and dentures. All of those solutions failed to stimulate your jaw. In the absence of a tooth root stimulating it, the bone underneath your gums might actually start to degrade. Because the bone is provided with the replacement root when an implant is used, it is stimulated as normal and the bone tends not to degrade.

There are plenty of other long-term health benefits to getting implants versus bridges, crowns and dentures. They are easy to maintain and they are very durable. You can eat most any food that you ate with your natural teeth without any difficulties. They do sometimes break – the teeth are made out of ceramic – but they are easily replaced by a dentist.

Customized, comfortable and healthy, dental implants provide long-term health benefits that go far beyond the great feeling of having your natural smile restored, an easier time speaking and a lack of the hassles that go along with other restorative processes.


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