Loose Dentures? Mini Implants Are The Key

Loose Dentures? Mini Implants Are The KeySo you had some problems with your teeth years ago and decided that the best way to solve your problems would be full plate dentures. And for many years, this was a perfectly viable solution.  You have enjoyed the way that your dentures look so normal and many of your closest friends don’t even know that you have them!  But lately something has changed; lately your dentures are not quite as comfortable as they once were.  Not only that, but they have begun to loosen up and shift when you have tried to eat some of your favorite foods. What on earth is going on?

Well, there are a few different reasons why your dentures have finally begun to loosen up on you. If you have been a denture wearer for quite some time, the problem has more to do with your mouth than with your dentures.  As time goes on, the gum tissue under the dentures will compress and lose volume.  You will also begin to lose bone tissue under the denture plate. This will cause them to become looser and not fit as well as they once did.

What Do I Do?

There are a few options that we offer at Shine and Island Dental to help you stabilize your loose-fitting dentures, such as a reline. However, mini implants are an excellent option for denture stabilization.

Mini implants are smaller than regular dental implants. They cost less and the procedure to place them in your jawbone is less invasive than full sized implants.  The placement of the mini implants will keep your denture plate from shifting and making you feel uncomfortable. An upper denture needs at least 4 mini implants for stabilization while a lower denture needs at least 2.

When it comes to the procedure, we might be able to use your existing denture plate, which can give you a new mouth in as little as two visits.  It might take a few more visits if you need a new full set denture, but we can fabricate that set in our in-house lab to get you back to normal in no time.

What Does It mean?

Once your full set dentures are stabilized by mini implants, your teeth will not only look better, but they will feel better, too.  No more shifting, no more loosening, and no more adhesive paste or gel.  That’s right, your new mini implants will stabilize your dentures without the use of nasty tasting adhesives. This means that you can smile more widely, feel  more confident, and eat some of the things that you used to enjoy but might have given up due to your dentures.  In other words, you can enjoy life once again with confidence.

Come and see us at Island and Shine Dental to discuss the options for your loose dentures.  Our board certified periodontist can help you make the choice that is right for you. We offer morning and evening hours as well as weekend appointments so that you can get back to yourself no matter what your schedule.

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